Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clean city, Green city

Mysore-The city of Palaces, Cultural Capital of Karnataka, Retired People’s Paradise! All these define the beautiful city. But recently another feather was added to its crown- “The Second Cleanest City of India”. This also makes it the cleanest city of the state. Is it not a matter of pride?

But this is not the end. Being proud citizens of Mysore, it is our duty to live up to the position. So it marks the beginning of our responsibility. With all the celebrations, a few questions surfaces in my mind.

The government has declared The Chamundi Hill, zoological garden, Karanji Lake and other places “Plastic Free Zone”. Here, the question is that, are these places really free of plastic?

Lakes in Mysore attract a huge number of fitness freaks and bird watchers of the city. The water on the surface looks light. Drop a piece of stone and black water splashes up! Is it really healthy to jog in mosquito breeding areas?

The government has taken several steps to maintain the parks and lawns. Broken and rusted slides and swings, plastic covers & used bottles - whom should we blame?

Out of all these questions, one distinct issue which bothers me is, if this is the case with the second cleanest city of India, how about other cities? Where is my country leading to?


  1. Rating reflects its better among the worst.. :)

  2. Chandu, Small correction ! Rating reflects its better among the REST ! as its not always necessarily WORST !!

  3. The only stunning matter in your dashboard is your profile picture. Absolutely awsome. rest of the things are well known to the entire world. people from other cities of india should feel ashamed for not keeping their city clean. it is a clear sign of not understanding their social responsibilities. by the way, mysore is the biggest knowledge base in asia with a very rear combination of mechanical, automobile, civil & software intellects.
    We feel highly embarassed while requesting our own people from rest of india, to keep themselves away from being migrated to mysore since none of them till now have proven developed the zeal to keep their surroundings clean & green.
    I feel happy to see enormously increasing awareness in mysore lovers to make city much green & to make it first cleanest city in the entire world. Also this feature of mysore is a result of quality of people who r actual residents of mysore & this quality is being passed on from generation to generation.

  4. The design on your web page is cleaner than MYs city!!!!!

  5. A good thought. :)
    Mysore is one of the beautiful city.

  6. Good very good Ur thought is different from others we LOVE Mysore but so many plps r don't no abt Mysore lets brief them ya k.Everyone should know abt our MYSORE.Its a very good & marvelous place in INDIA.Me think u vill k

  7. Its So nice.
    I like Ur Thought & Ur City.