Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clean city, Green city

Mysore-The city of Palaces, Cultural Capital of Karnataka, Retired People’s Paradise! All these define the beautiful city. But recently another feather was added to its crown- “The Second Cleanest City of India”. This also makes it the cleanest city of the state. Is it not a matter of pride?

But this is not the end. Being proud citizens of Mysore, it is our duty to live up to the position. So it marks the beginning of our responsibility. With all the celebrations, a few questions surfaces in my mind.

The government has declared The Chamundi Hill, zoological garden, Karanji Lake and other places “Plastic Free Zone”. Here, the question is that, are these places really free of plastic?

Lakes in Mysore attract a huge number of fitness freaks and bird watchers of the city. The water on the surface looks light. Drop a piece of stone and black water splashes up! Is it really healthy to jog in mosquito breeding areas?

The government has taken several steps to maintain the parks and lawns. Broken and rusted slides and swings, plastic covers & used bottles - whom should we blame?

Out of all these questions, one distinct issue which bothers me is, if this is the case with the second cleanest city of India, how about other cities? Where is my country leading to?

Kites :)

Day was clear, sun shone bright.

My eyes fell on a colorful kite,

Dancing merrily in its flight,

Giving the clouds a soft love bite!

The only cause for it to fight

Was that the thread was too tight.

But without it, kite would never reach the height

And never could create such a beautiful sight!

Many times we land up in such a plight

Unhappy about restrictions being tight!

They warn us before accidents (we might)

But we care them very slight.

Today, I realize they are right.

Thank you parents, my heart feels light.

A strong thread is the life of a kite.

Though it always remains out of sight!

I want to sleep

Sun has inspired poets of all times. I’d curse it for its crime!

Because the shortest 5 minutes is always the snooze time!

The clock alarm has changed to mobile chime

But the voice in me would always mime – “I want to sleep”.

As a kid, my dad patted me on my head.

I’d cry to get away from my bed.

School was fun, everything was nice.

But my days were cold as if it were ice.

In college, studies made me lose sleep.

I dint study, but stared at my book heap.

Mom used to scold for sleeping late.

I would just wonder what is in my fate.

Last day at college, I was sure of one thing.

I need not get up early the next morning.

No force, no pressure and no study.

But I bet if anyone would sleep that day, buddy.

Empty mind is a devil’s workshop.

I thought of getting myself a job.

Be it an engineer or a cop,

It’s not a cakewalk, you need to hop.

I envied my mom, a house wife.

No pressures. No deadlines - Simple life.

So I loved waiting for long weekends.

I soon realized it wasn’t easy to meet both ends.

Girls of my age are of three kinds.

Who are in love & who have a shattered love.

Former would fly, latter would cry.

And the third was a life of a nerd with nothing in minds.

People say sleeplessness is an illness.

Does that mean my life’s a mess?

I work well & I look fine. No doubt about how I dine.

Does living mean mere biological existence?

To fall in love with my mornings, a lake invited me for jogging.

I learnt, nature meant insects, weeds & crawling things!

Slow moving snails often soiled branded shoes.

Lanes & Lawns were impacted my human moves.

People say “Dream Big”. My sleep was a tree if dream was a twig.

“Dream is that which doesn’t let u sleep”.

For Kalam’s words, into my life, I’d peep.

I’d a good job, caring parents & all that I should keep.

Is this poem a hotchpotch of thoughts?

A mixture in a half boiled pot?

You can make out if I’ve slept or not!